What Do Boobs Feel Like?

If you are asking a question like what do boobs feel like, it is apparent that you have never felt boobs before. There is not just one way to describe what boobs feel like, because all boobs are different. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when describing what boobs feel like. Are the old boobs or young boobs? Are they real boobs or fake boobs? Are they big boobs or small boobs?

Before you read any further, please understand that these are generalized descriptions on what boobs feel like. Not all small boobs will feel the same, not all fake boobs will feel the same. This is just to give you can idea on what you may feel when you are touching a boob.

Most boobs will feel soft to the touch. Generally, the breast skin is soft and silky as the skin is usually protected from the harsh sun and other environmental factors. The touch of the skin can also feel like velvet against your fingers. But the skin is just the surface. When you give the boobs a little squeezze you can get a completely different feeling.

Boobs can be firm and perky, sort of like squeezing an orange or maybe a grapefruit depending on the size. Boobs can be soft and squishy, especially if they are older boobs that have had children. Larger breast have a tendency to be more squishy than smaller boobs. Younger boobs are will be perkier than older boobs. Fake boobs will be perkier than most real boobs.

No matter what the boobs feel like it serves the same purpose in life and wants the same thing. Boobs are made to be loved and caressed, massaged and admired. The feel of a boobs is as different as the personalities between the owners of the boobs. The most important thing for you to know is that you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the boobs no matter how they feel.  



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