What Do Contractions Feel Like?

If you really want to know what do contractions feel like when that intense moment arrives, keep reading. A pregnant woman will depend on a lot of things from her doctor. She will depend on her doctor for prenatal care and to ease her worries about the health of her baby. However, the one thing her doctor may not be able to help her with is what to expect when she starts to feel contractions; unless she’s a female doctor with a child. Only someone that has actually experienced contractions can truly tell you what it feels like. It’s hard to compare the feeling of contractions to anything else but labor.

All pregnant women won’t experience contractions the same. If you were to ask ten different women what contractions feel like you might get ten different answers. You may ask one mother about her contractions and she may say it was a piece of cake.”Then you may ask another mother how her contractions felt and her response may be it felt like her insides were being ripped out.

There are false contractions; another name is Braxton Hicks contractions. These types of contractions prepare your body for the real contractions that are on their way. You may feel slight pain or pressure in the top or bottom of your belly; they will come and go, but nothing too bothersome. Because pregnant women carry there babies in different ways, the position of the baby can all affect how your contractions will be.

How to tell the difference between false contractions and the real deal? Even if you are worried, you want know you are having contractions. If you start to feel a tightening type pain anywhere in your stomach, even your back, that’s a good sign you are having contractions. The contractions will be pretty mild at first, they want stop you from going on about your day. As the day passes the contractions will start to get stronger and closer together. At some point as the contractions progress, you may feel like you’ve been kicked in the stomach by a horse or someone has taking a sledge hammer to your lower back. She may feel the need to tense up into a knot to ease the pain, but that will make it worse.

How to make the contractions and labor pains a bit easier.
When it starts to feel like the baby is balling up into a nice tight ball, resist the urge to ball up as well. Instead, relax and take slow deep breaths, breathe in and out. This will help lessen the pain you will feel from the contractions.

What you should do when you really start to feel contractions?
Well, you shouldn’t panic when you think your contractions are starting. Remain calm when the contractions start. You will be excited and anxieties will start to kick in, when you get that first contraction. You will begin to think of a million and one things you need to do before the baby comes. The one thing you definitely need to do is keep a watch handy so you can time how far apart the contractions are. Ask your doctor how far apart the contraction should be before you head to the hospital.

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