What Do Crickets Eat

What do crickets eat? The diet of the cricket is very versatile and varies just slightly depending on the type of cricket. Many people confuse crickets with grasshoppers because they have similar legs and jump around in the grass. However, grasshoppers and crickets are very different critters and eat different things. 

The field cricket is the critter that people mainly think of when hearing the word "cricket". Just like grasshopers, field crickets eat grass and other plant matter. Field crickets will also eat harder plant materials such as seeds. Another favorite food of field crickets is fruit.

Crickets are omnivorous scavengers. This means that they not only eat plants, but also dead insects and animals. You might even notice some crickets munching on a road kill as you walk by it. Crickets are also known to eat dead bugs that are lying on the ground, and even dead crickets. 

Crickets are not only scavengers. They are hunters too. Like humans, crickets have a very versatile diet. Crickets eat living insects that they can catch. They are not usually on the prowl for hunting purposes, however, unless the insects are injured or dying. If a cricket comes across a dying insect, it will eat it. There are normally easier food sources available because of the cricket's diverse dietary choices. 

When they are really hungry, crickets will even cannibalize each other. Crickets don't normally run out of food. However, when they do, they will kill each other. They will typically go after the weaker members of the group. Crickets are more likely to eat other crickets that are dead. 

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