What Do Grasshoppers Eat

If you have a curiosity about insects, you may have wondered what do grasshoppers eat. Grasshoppers are mostly harmless insects, but sometimes their eating habits can get them in trouble because of the damage they cause.

There are many different kinds of grasshoppers with wildly divergent diets depending on their habitat. But most grasshoppers prefer to eat grass as a primary food-source. They also eat weeds and flowers along with a lot of other vegetation. Some types can even handle poisonous plants, and this can serve as a defense mechanism for them. The poison gets into their systems, and when other animals eat them, they get sick.

Their green coloring helps them blend in with their surroundings while they eat, which can be very important for them. They have mouths that are equipped to chew up plants with great efficiency, but they are pretty helpless when it comes to fighting back against predators. For this reason, their coloring and speed of movement are crucial to their survival.

Grasshoppers can almost be described as an insect version of a rabbit, and they even have a similar method of locomotion. Some species of grasshoppers eat quite a lot, and this isn’t much of a problem until they start attacking farmland. Many people don’t realize that the locusts which often decimate farmland are actually just a type of grasshopper. When large groups of grasshopper descend on an area, they can cause havoc by destroying the harvest for a whole year's worth of food. Events involving locusts have caused mass-starvation in some countries.

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