What Do Guys Like In A Girl

What do guys like in a girl? There's no one answer to that question because each guy is different. But there are a number of common characteristics that the vast majority of guys like in a girl. Certainly, most guys like girls who are physically attractive, but a beautiful girl who lacks the other qualities that guys value will find that many guys aren't attracted to her for very long. In fact, guys will often choose to date girls who are less physically attractive but have the characteristics they like over very pretty girls who lack these qualities. 

  1. Geniality. This just means being nice. It's hard to believe, but most guys value the quality of niceness above all others, including good looks. A girl who is consistently nice to everyone will always attract attention. Guys love girls who are pleasant conversationalists and good listeners. Most guys hate and fear rejection from girls more than anything else, so a girl who can allay those fears by being nice will always attract guys.

  2. Well-Groomed. Most guys want to be proud of the girl that they date. Being well-groomed is different from being physically attractive. Well-groomed girls bathe daily and wear clean, serviceable clothing. They trim their nails, brush their teeth, groom their hair, and use makeup sparingly. Guys also like girls to wear properly sized clothing. Many girls believe that revealing or tight clothing makes them more appealing, but most guys view such clothing with suspicion, feeling that very tight or revealing clothing is meant to attract the attention of other guys.

  3. Complimentary. One of the biggest things that guys like in a a girl is an inclination to give them sincere compliments. As noted above, guys can be insecure and even a little intimidated by girls. Compliments put them at ease. The compliments don't have to be over-the-top either. Things like “I like your smile” or “you have nice hair” can work wonders for a guy's confidence. A girl can even get a little flirty. However, she should never flirt with or excessively compliment other men in the presence of her guy.

  4. Shared Interests. Guys like when a girl can share or at least appreciate their hobbies or interests. A girl doesn't have to be a hardcore gamer, fantasy football fan, or mixed martial arts aficionado to show some interest when her guy talks about these things. Going to a sporting event with a guy or buying him a new game are ways for girls to show guys that they have an interest in their hobbies.

  5. Independence. Guys like when a girl demonstrates that she needs him and enjoys his company, but they also like girls who can function on their own and don't keep them on a leash. In short, guys don't like girls who are clingy and needy.

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