What To Do If Beautiful Transsexual Is Hitting On Me

To find yourself asking the question, what to do if a beautiful transsexual is hitting on me, can put you in a jam.  Most transsexual women prefer to be treated like any biological woman but you probably will or will not agree. Figure what to do when a transsexual woman has eyes for you.  

  1. Ask yourself, do you accept her? If you are open to dating women born a female or not, continue to talk to a beautiful transsexual woman hitting on you. In addition, compliment her looks, flirt back, ask her out on a date, and treat her like any natural born female. If you are not into flirting with a transsexual woman, read the next steps.
  2. Be honest. If you are displeased that a beautiful woman who was born a man hits on you, be honest about your feelings toward gender differences. Regardless of how you feel, have respect, gently let her down, and let her know that your preference is only for biological women in the most respectful and polite manner you can. It is good to let her know your feelings from the start than lead her on.
  3. Tell her you are uncomfortable. Many transsexual women believe they have a medical condition and for most time of their lives have been trapped inside a man’s body. A transsexual woman might tell you this in hopes that you will accept her regardless, but respond to her that you are uncomfortable flirting or possibly dating. Unfortunately, you might come across as prejudice but reassure her that you are not trying to disrespect her in anyway and you just prefer to date women who were born women. If you are polite, respectful, and honest, she will appreciate your demeanor.
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