What To Do If Friend Comes Out Of The Closet

Knowing what to do if a friend comes out of the closet is hard to imagine. However, when you are faced with it, the most important thing to do is to always show that you are supportive and that your friend coming out of the closet will not change your friendship.

  1. Show that you are still supportive. In addition to telling your friend that you support their sexual orientation and their choice to come out of the closet, show that you are supportive. Go with your friend to an organization meeting. Stick up for your friend if they are bullied or taunted and be available whenever your friend needs someone to talk to.
  2. Tone down the seriousness. When your friend actually comes out of the closet, the tone of the conversation might get tense or even awkward. Kid around with your friend as you normally would and offer some playful humor that is still sensitive to the situation.
  3. Ask about your friend’s love life. You should treat your friend who has come out of the closet as you would any other friend. Ask about any romantic interests or relationships. If your friend has a partner, express your interest in hanging out and getting to know the special person in your friend’s life.
  4. Continue your normal routine. Things don’t have to change just because your friend came out of the closet. You can still go out to bars, invite friends over or watch a game just as you always have. Remember, someone’s sexual orientation does not change who they are as a person.
  5. Be understanding of negative emotions. After coming out of the closet, your friend may feel emotional, have mood swings or get depressed. Other friends and family members might not be as supportive as you are. Instead of taking any negative emotions personally, feel fortunate that your friend trusts and respects you enough to show you those emotions and to let you help.
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