What To Do If A Girl Stood Me Up

If you are wondering what to do if a girl stood you up on a date, you are most likely the victim of someone who was a no-show on date night. You waited hours for your date to arrive and the longer you waited, you became impatient and the impatience turned to anger. Before using foul language at the girl, learn different ways to handle being stood up in a classy way.

  1. Calm down. If a girl stood you up for a date, it is natural to feel rejection, anger and embarrassment as the day you were looking forward to ends up a disaster. Before sending angry text messages, emails or a phone call, take a deep breath and try to think of a reason the girl stood you up. She might be involved in a bad accident, had a family emergency or fell asleep and forgot to set the alarm.
  2. Do a follow-up call. Now your anger subsided and 24 hours passed, considers calling your date and ask why she was a no-show. If she has a legitimate excuse, give the woman a pass and ask to reschedule for a time and date that you two both freed from any other plans.
  3. Let her call you. If you have too much pride and refuse to call and ask why she stood you up, wait for her to explain why she didn’t show up for the date or made any contact. She may start to wonder why you did not call and make contact instead to show guilt because she stood you up on the first date.
  4. Get ready for date night… again. Once again, you made plans for date night and if the girl were present and right on time, congratulations is needed because the second time was a success. If you are not so fortunate and your date plays hooky again, she is not interested and prefers to ignore you, rather than being direct that she does not want to date you. It might hurt for a little awhile, but consider yourself lucky as you avoid a woman who cannot be honest and another man will have to put up with her flakiness.
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