What To Do If Girlfriend Doesn’t Want Sex

What to do if girlfriend doesn’t want sex take a lot of patience and attentiveness on a man's part when his woman isn't willing to partake in a sexual act. Unless she plan on staying a virgin until she is married or sexually abstinence by choice, there are ways to get your girlfriend to explore her sexual side to you

  1. Romance her. It does not take a lot for men to be sexually charge but women are more emotional and sex and emotions goes hand and hand. If your girlfriend does not want sex, make dinner, take your girlfriend to her favorite restaurant, do the dishes, give her nice massages and treat her as the most beautiful woman in your world. Women appreciate romance and an attentive man and this may change your girlfriend mind about not having sex.
  2. Be patient. Do not act like a cave man and start dry humping her so she automatically changes her mind to have sex with you. That act you will not succeed in, and she might kick you off her if you do forcibly try to have sex.
  3. Communicate your feelings. Sex is cherished in a close relationship between two people and it is a need for most men. Express your feelings to your girlfriend and avoid saying anything selfish as, "I'm a man and have needs." That will turn her off and make her wonder, if she doesn't have sex, someone else will fulfill your needs.  While you do not want to risk a good thing you have with your girlfriend, tell her what makes her shun sex. Is it something from her past relationship, an awful traumatic experience in her childhood she has not told you at all? If she has no reason to withhold sex from you that is understandable, let her explain herself. Maybe she is not that much experienced and feels she cannot wow you in the bedroom. If so, you both can share each other experiences and gain it together the more time you would two have sex.
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