What To Do If Girlfriend Has No Libido

In most relationships, one partner has a higher sex drive than the other; which presents the problem, for some, of what to do if a girlfriend has no libido. Libido is simply another word for a person's sex drive, and it is entirely natural for some women or even men to have an extremely low libido, or even none at all. 

 Things needed if girlfriend has no libido:

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • A strong emotional bond
  • A little imagination
  1. Is it you? The first step in learning what to do if girlfriend has no libido is to examine your own behavior. What approach do you take when you want sex? If you can be honest with yourself and can admit that you may be a bit pushy or demanding, lighten up. For some women, an aggressive man can be a turn on, while for others it can be a turn off. On the other hand, if you feel that you aren't verbal enough with your needs, do not hesitate to let your girlfriend know just how much you want her. She may be waiting to hear it from you.
  2. Understanding. After you have examined your own behavior, it is time to look at hers. If your girlfriend has no libido as of just recently, she may be undergoing some emotional pr physical issues that are standing in the way of her wanting sex. Speak with her about the sudden change in her libido and listen to what she has to say. For many women, having a man care enough to ask, 'What's wrong?', can be a turn on in itself.
  3. Patience. Sometimes, if girlfriend has no libido you simply have to wait it out and be patience. The absolute worst thing a man can do is put a lot of pressure on a women and bombard her with requests for sex. She will come to view sex as a chore and her libido may never be what you want it to be. Be patient and understanding, and in time the issue will often resolve itself. Many couples will actually gain a stronger emotional bond in the process.
  4. Be imaginative. Many couples fall into a sexual rut, which can lead to low libido or diminished sexual desire. When wondering what to do if girlfriend has no libido, suggest something new in the bedroom. Be imaginative and see if this will be enough to put her in the mood. Many couples have been able to jump start their sex life by bringing sex toys into the bedroom, or mixing every day sex up with role play.

If you have all tried all of the tips above and you are still confused regarding what to do if girlfriend has no libido, it may be time for your girlfriend to speak with her physician. There are some health conditions or prescribed medications that can cause loss of interest in sex which can be easily rectified with proper diagnosis.

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