What To Do If I Lost My Open Water Diver Certification

Many scuba divers wonder what to do if I lost my Open Water Diver certification card. After all, this certification card is a small card that is easily lost. The certification card is issued for any scuba diver who completes an Open Water Diver course. This particular certification is for entry-level scuba divers and is typically a lifetime certification. 

  1. Determine who the course was through. There are many different course providers when it comes to Open Water Diver certification. The most common course provider is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Less commonly used course providers include Scuba Schools International (SSI) and the Underwater Explorers' Federation.
  2. Contact the PADI online. You must contact your Open Water Diver certification course provider. The most common course provider is PADI and they provide a very simple process for obtaining a new certification card through their website. There is a $32 fee for processing and shipping the replacement card when processing online.
  3. Contact the PADI by mail. To obtain an Open Water Diver certification replacement card by mail requires a form to be filled out, a fee of $37, and a photo to update the certification card. To quicken this process, it may be important to choose express delivery of the mailed application through the post office or other package sending companies.
  4. Optional expedited shipping. Sometimes, you need an Open Water Diver certification replacement card as soon as possible. PADI does provide expedited processing and shipping but you will need to process the request form online and contact PADI by phone at 1-800-729-7234. There is an additional charge for this expedited processing and shipping of your new Open Water Diver certification card. 
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