What To Do If I Poop My Pants

If you have a problem with not being able to control your bowel movement and have found yourself wondering what to do if I poop my pants, read on to find out how you can handle this messy situation.

  1. Cover up. If you have an accident and poop your pants, you should try to cover up as soon as possible. If you have an extra sweatshirt or jacket, tie it around your waist so that no one can see what has happened.
  2. Retreat to a private area. If you can make it home, you should go there. Basically, you need a place where you can get fresh clothing, clean up, and get your soiled clothing taken care of.
  3. Remove soiled clothes. Remove your clothes and either throw out the soiled items or scrape off the majority of the mess and put them into the washer.
  4. Get cleaned up. Next, take a shower and be sure to clean your entire body, including your personal areas. Dry off afterwards.
  5. Put on fresh clothing. After the shower cleans your body, put fresh underwear, pants, and shirt on so you are ready to go again.

If this happens repeatedly, you should see a doctor about this issue as it is not normal as a healthy adult. You may find you have internal gastrointestinal problems. Make sure to get it checked as soon as possible.



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