What To Do If I Want To Be More Than Friends

If you are asking yourself what to do if I want to be more than friends with another person, the answer is not always simple. When you want to be more than friends, you will have to decide which approach to take to give yourself the best chance for success. If you have only been friends for a little while, you may have an easier time moving on to the next level. If you have been friends for a long time, getting the other person to see you differently may take a lot of work on your part.

  1. Try dropping some hints that you want to be more than friends. You can start by complimenting your friend on how nice they look every time you see them. If you have never done this before, they may notice the hint after awhile and start to give you some clues as to whether they are interested in you or not.
  2. Start asking your friend out to lunch or dinner more. If you want to be more than friends and you usually go out once a week, start asking them out two or three times a week. Use the meal conversations to drop some hints that you want to take your relationship to the next level.
  3. Touching is a sign that a person may like you, so start touching your friend more. Simple things like putting your arm around your friend for no reason or holding their hand are ways of touching that send them a message. You can even hug your friend longer than you normally do when you want to be more than friends, which can let them know you are interested in them.
  4. If you are bold enough, ask your friend out on an actual date. If you have never actually asked them out before, even to go to a movie, they will get the message. You should be able to find out quickly whether or not they want to be more than friends by the way they accept your invitation to go out.
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