What To Do If My Girlfriend Is Pressuring Me To Marry Her

If you are asking yourself “What to do if my girlfriend is pressuring me to marry her,” you may have a tough decision to make. One thing to remember is that in relationships, it is not uncommon for one person to favor marriage more than the other. It is important to arrive at a decision that is well though out, so you do not make a mistake.

  1. When your girlfriend is pressuring you to marry her, do not get angry with her. If you have been involved for a long time, it is only natural that your girlfriend wants to take the next step. Be patient and positive with her until you arrive at a decision.
  2. Take some time and decide if you want to make the commitment to marriage. Make a list of the pros and cons of marrying your girlfriend. Include everything that you are afraid of about marriage in the list. Be brutally honest when you make the list, since marriage is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. In addition, just because your girlfriend is pressuring you to marry her does not mean you should include that as a con.
  3. Talk with your girlfriend about the possibility of marriage. If you are not ready yet, tell her why and see how she reacts. Tell her it is nothing that she has done, but that you are just not sure that you are ready for a lifelong commitment. If your girlfriend continues to pressure you to marry her, you may have to spend some time apart so you can make your decision with a clear head.
  4. Do not end the relationship unless you are certain you do not want to get married. The fact that your girlfriend is constantly pressuring you to marry her may make you want to call it quits, but do not act rashly. Give her a timetable for marriage, and see if she goes for it. For example, tell her that in six months you will be ready to give marriage some serious thought. If she still pressures you to marry her right away, the ultimatum should make you act, one way or another.
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