What To Do If My Girlfriend Talks With Her Ex Boyfriend

Your relationship may be going swell, but one day you may wonder to yourself, "What to do if my girlfriend talks with her ex boyfriend?" This is a very touchy subject. On the one hand you don’t want your girlfriend to think you don’t trust her and are insecure about the relationship, but on the other hand you feel your girlfriend doesn’t respect you or value your relationship. If she did she wouldn’t be talking with her ex boyfriend making you feel like a third wheel. This behavior would be okay if she was single, but she is in a new relationship so ex boyfriends/girlfriend’s should be off limits, continuing a friendship with an ex leaves to much room for infidelity. Here is a few ways to handle the situation.

  1. Let your girlfriend know how much it bothers you that she still talks with her ex boyfriend. When you talk with her don’t sound like you are trying to control her or accuse her of anything, that will not go over to well with her. You just feel like her continue association with her boyfriend is causing problems in your relationship.
  2.  Give her an ultimatum. If you feel she is being disrespectful by continue to talk with her ex boyfriend than you should tell her that he is her ex boyfriend and if she continues to have conversations with him than your relationship can’t continue. If she says she want end her friendship with her ex, at least that will let you know without a doubt who is more important to your girlfriend.
  3. Tell your girlfriend to set up a double date. This is a good way to see your girlfriend interact with her ex boyfriend to see if it’s strictly plutonic. If your girlfriend agrees to setting up the double date than may be there isn’t anything to her friendship with her ex, but if she says no and seem offensive to the question, I would question her reaction. You can tell her that’s one of her friends and you are just trying to get to know her friends. If she still seems suspicious it might because she has something to hide.
  4. Start talking with your ex girlfriend or a female friend. You know the saying “if you can’t beat them join them?" Well there you go. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to give up her friendship with her ex and you don’t want to give her up. Well you might need to beat her at her own game. Start getting close to your ex or just another female and see how she likes it, more than likely she want. Just because she thinks it’s okay for her to do it to you, that doesn’t mean she won’t mind you doing it to her.
  5. Trust your girlfriend unless she gives you reason not to. It may be hard for you to except your girlfriend having her ex boyfriend as a friend, but if she is a good and caring girlfriend to you, try not to read too much into it. Jealousy may cause you to lose a great girlfriend.
  6. Break it off with your girlfriend. Your girlfriend talking with her ex boyfriend is just too much for you to deal with. It’s too difficult thinking about her talking with an ex she may have had an intimate relationship with and she is not willing to at least compromise and talk with him occasionally. There is only one thing left to do end the relationship and let her know until she decides to put you first, you think it’s best if you end the relationship.
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