What To Do If My Girlfriend Wants To Get Married

It's quite a dilemma when you wonder "what to do if my girlfriend wants to get married." There's nothing wrong with a woman making a marriage proposal, or urging you to make the relationship final. However, if you're not ready or if she is catching you by surprise with this suggestion, it is worth investigating what's really going on.

  1. Look inside. Do you want to be married? More importantly, do you want to be married to this particular woman? Are you ready? Part of knowing what to do if your girlfriend wants to get married is to look inside for the right answer. Getting married may not have crossed your mind before, but maybe this girl is extra special. Or perhaps you do want to get married someday, but not to your current girlfriend.
  2. Have a heart to heart. It's time to talk it out with your girl. Why does she want to get married? Did the urge come up out of the blue or has she always stated her intentions? Truly, from the first date forward, if she says she intends to get married, believe her. Whether it's you or someone else, the girl has marriage on her mind. Talking with her about getting married is the way to get to the heart of the matter.
  3. Flirt with the idea. If you're serious about your girlfriend, you can flirt with the idea of marriage. It's like having several different pairs of shoes, try them all on. See what fits and what should go back into the closet. There's nothing wrong with secretly (or openly) acting like you want to marry your girlfriend. Bottom line, you will find the answer you seek about what to do when your girlfriend wants to get married.
  4. Make a decision. Either way, you have to make a decision. If you have no intentions of marrying your girlfriend, be a man and let her know. if she's hell bent on marrying someone, she will find the right person, even if it's not you. On the other hand, if you want to marry her, the deal is sealed. You can go forward with an engagement and wedding plans, solving the dilemma of what to do if your girlfriend wants to get married.
  5. Run as fast as you can. If she brings up getting married in the first five dates, seriously, run. If she brings up getting married to you in the first fifty dates, keep on trucking. Nowadays, there's no reason to rush into marriage. Often people think they have to get married for certain reasons so they rush into relationships. Take your time and have fun without the pressure of making a huge commitment. Dumping a girl is a great way to take care of what to do when you girlfriend wants to get married.
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