What To Do If My Girlfriend Wants To Take A Break

Many guys have asked the question, "What do I do if my girlfriend wants to take a break?" The answer is whatever the hell you want to do. If your girlfriend wants to take a break, it usually means one of two things. Either she's reevaluating her life and trying to figure out where you fit or she wants to explore more options on the dating front. Either way, instead of being negative about it, use this time as an opportunity to chill out and reevaluate your own life. Here's what you should do if your girlfriend decides she wants to take a break from the relationship.

  1. Define "break." Make sure the two of you are on the same page–no, the same paragraph–when it comes to what a break is. Women can be funny about this. When she says "break" she could mean just a few days apart. Or she could mean seeing other people. Make sure you know. If you start dipping out with chick after chick because you think she's doing the same (and she's not), you'll ruin the relationship. If she is dating different guys, feel free to do the same.
  2. Improve yourself. When you've been in a relationship for a while, you begin to define yourself by your relationship. If your girlfriend wants to take a break, use this as an opportunity to take a break from the idea of you and her. It's just you now. You know all those things you wanted to do, but never got around to do them? The uniformity of a relationship isn't holding you back now, so do them. Explore new things as well. You may find lots of new things you enjoy. And who knows, if she comes back, you can share them with her. If not, at least you'll know a little more about yourself. You'll be that much more awesome for the next chick.
  3. Reestablish old friendships. Remember the dudes you used to hang out with before her? Here's the perfect opportunity to strengthen those male bonds with your buddies again. You're technically single, so enjoy it. Hit up clubs or go to baseball games. Whatever it is that you used to do with those knuckle heads, do them again. Enjoy yourself.
  4. Keep communication open with her. You love her–there's no question about that. Unless you're ready to get rid of her, you still want to keep a solid friendship with her. Exhibit the characteristics and actions that got her in the first place. By all means, give her the space she needs, but don't let her forget the great guy and the great relationship she's putting on pause. The one thing you don't want to do, however, is seem desperate. Don't beg for her to come back. Just be you. If she comes back, fine. If not, she wasn't for you anyway.
  5. Dating others. If there's a chance you may want to move on, play the field. Who knows, you may find someone more compatible than your current girlfriend. It is pretty hard to define when your girl says she wants to take a break, isn't it? Just be warned. New relationships always seem to be better than old ones. It's the excitement of hanging out with a new person. Just make sure you know what you're doing. 
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