What To Do If My Girlfriend Won’t Tell Me What’s Wrong

What to do if my girlfriend won't tell me what's wrong? It's something that plays on the minds of men across the world and there are no easy answers. Women are hard to read and when your girlfriend won't tell you what's wrong it is a serious cause of concern. Men in successful relationships manage to overcome the silent treatment and find out the truth before issues arise. The following are some great strategies for guys concerned about what to do if their girlfriend won't tell them what's wrong.

  1. "Tell her you are going to dump her." This is a bit of a high risk strategy but it will greatly reduce the time you spend wondering about her state of mind. Tell you girlfriend that you don't want to do about the fact she won't tell you what's wrong, so you can only assume that she cheated on you. Tell her you are finished and you never want to see her again. This should provoke some kind of of response and hopefully she will explain that she just had a headache and all is well in the world.  
  2. "Ask her best friend." If you want to know what to do when your girlfriend won't tell you what's wrong, just ask her best friend. If your girlfriend has a grievance with you, the chances are high that she will have bitched about you to her friend. If she has some other minor issues then the best friend will probably tell you anyway and use the secrecy of your girlfriend to lecture you about not being a good boyfriend who creates trust.
  3. "Go to counseling." Take your girlfriend to a counseling session with a shrink, priest or therapist. Do not tell her where you are going but make the arrangements and then tell the therapist "I don't know what to do if my girlfriend won't tell me what's wrong." Your girlfriend will probably spill the beans, and say you are an idiot but will quickly forgive you. If you think she has done something bad you may want to ask the same thing on Dr Phil or Springer in front of a TV audience.
  4. "Buy her flowers." It is the oldest trick in the book but if your girlfriend won't tell you what's wrong it may just be an attention seeking ploy. Buy her some flowers and she will be happy that her plan worked. She will likely make up some kind of fake reason as to why she was refusing to talk but in reality all she wanted was a little loving.
  5. "Tell her you know what's wrong." Tell your girlfriend that you already know what is wrong and that you are glad you won't have to spend another moment wondering why she won't tell you what's wrong. If she has a confession to make she will start to talk. If she has no legitimate reason for not talking she will get annoyed and explain that and you will quickly get things back to normal.
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