What To Do If My Wife Has No Sex Drive

So you need to know what to do if my wife has no sex drive. There are many reasons that could cause your wife to have no sex drive. It could be medications, a physical issue or a new vitamin. Most women don’t just lose their sex drive overnight. It slowly develops over time and may not get noticed right away.

If your wife has no sex drive, you will need:

  1. Compassion. If your wife has no sex drive, you should be compassionate towards her and the problem. Your frame of mind can have as much to do with the situation as the problem itself. It is important to be loving and supportive in finding out the problem and throughout the resolution to the lack of sex drive. Most often, women don’t understand themselves as to why they have a lack of sex drive or how to fix it.
  2. Desire. No, not the desire to have sex: the desire to help your wife get her groove back without placing blame and making her feel like it is her fault. This is the desire to help her work through any problems or issues causing her lack of sex drive.
  3. Understanding. First and foremost, you should be understanding of the problem. You, yourself may not understand it, how it happened or even how to fix it. But, you need to be there for her and let her know that a sex drive would be nice but not important.
  4. Patience. Even once the source of the lack of sex drive is found, it will take a while for things to get back on track. If it was due to a physical ailment, it may take time to for the medicine to take effect. If it was due to something she was taking, it will take time to work out of her system. 
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