What To Do If She’s Not Willing To Fight For You

If you are having relationship problems with a woman, you may be wondering what to do if she’s not willing to fight for you. Sometimes this can make your decision about your woman easier. If she’s not willing to fight for you, you have a chance to end the relationship without causing her too much pain.

  1. Try asking your woman why she is not willing to fight for you. Have a conversation with her to see if she just doesn’t care about you enough anymore to fight for you. You may just want to come right out and ask her if she wants to break up or not.
  2. If you are just casually dating, your girlfriend may be giving you some space. If you are also seeing someone else, the fact that your girlfriend is not willing to fight for you may mean she wants to let you make up your own mind. She may also not be serious enough about you to care. Talk it out with her and then make a decision about which girl to continue seeing.
  3. The problem may be you and not your woman. If you have done something to make your woman mad and she’s not willing to fight for you ,it is up to you to fix the problem. Ask her what you need to do to set things straight and see if you can save the relationship. It may take some time to calm her down, but if you want to keep her, do what you have to do to get her back in your corner. 
  4. Ask yourself if it’s worth it when she’s not willing to fight for you. If you have given your woman a fair chance and she still won’t fight for you, it may be time to just call it quits. Tell her what you expect from her and if she doesn’t make any effort, just end things and move on.
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