What To Do If Your Cat Keeps Throwing Up

When contemplating what to do if your cat keeps throwing up, you must first assess the situation. It is normal for a cat to throw up an occasional fur ball or just after a heavy meal. However, if your cat is throwing up every few minutes throughout the day and appears lethargic, it may be time to a visit to the vet.

If your cat is throwing up, you will need:

  • Grass
  • Eye Dropper
  • Loose Leaf Catnip
  1. Grass. Cats clean and groom their fur by repeated licking. The surface of a cats tongue is very rough and as the cat licks its fur, it collects hair on its tongue and is swallowed. In short time, this process creates a fur ball in the cat’s stomach. Nature usually takes it course and the fur ball passes through the cat’s intestinal system eliminating the problem. However, there are times when the fur ball sits in the stomach. Your cat may throw up the fur ball with some food. When this occurs, your cat will want to go outside and eat blades of grass. Eating grass and herbs helps your cat clean its digestive system.
  2. The benefits of catnip. Loose leaf catnip is another remedy for fur balls and is available at most grocery or pet stores. Place a large pinch of loose leaf catnip on your cat’s kitty condo or scratching post.
  3. When to visit the vet. If your cat has been throwing up more than once or twice in 30 minutes to an hour, the cause is either illness or something it ate. Feel the ears to see if they are hot, indicating a fever. Call your vet and explain the situation. The vet most likely will want to see the cat.  In some cases it may just be a stomach ache and the vet may advise you to feed the cat warm water with an eye dropper. This will settle the stomach. If diarrhea accompanies the throwing up, your cat is sick and must go to the vet immediately to avoid complications from dehydration.


  • Your cat should have access to grass each day. If your kitty is a house cat, take a pair of scissors outside, cut long blades of grass, and feed them to your cat. If your cat is having digestive trouble, it will throw up the grass and the problem within a few minutes.


  • In most cases, a cat is throwing up because of fur balls, or something he ate in the yard that didn’t agree with him. Throwing up and diarrhea together, plus the inability to keep any food down is a warning sign. Get Mr. Whiskers to the vet right away.
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