What To Do If Your Wife Has No Sexual Desire

What do you do if your wife has no sexual desire yet you’re still burning with desire for her? Most women will hit a lot point in their lives when their sexual desire drops. It’s important to ensure you try to help your women through these times instead of making her feel inadequate, further hurting the relationship.

To help your wife who has no sexual desire, you will need to:

  1. Help your wife with no sexual desire by increasing her mood. It’s important to be happy in life. Depression is a number one enemy when it comes to no sexual desire. Encourage your wife to seek counseling for no sexual desire.
  2. Open the communication lines. Find out what’s bothering your wife and why there is no sexual desire. You could easily come to find out she is not sexually satisfied and this is diminishing her sexual desire. Lack of communication will eventually lead to break down in the bedroom.
  3. Hormonal changes can affect your wife’s no sexual desire. Hormones wreak havoc on a women’s sexual desire. These hormonal changes can come at certain times in a woman’s life such as pregnancy, childbirth, pre-menopause, menopause and breast-feeding. Its best you try to get your wife to talk to a physician over her lack of sexual desire.
  4. Try a romantic evening. Pull out all the stops to help jump start your wife’s libido. Sometime no sexual desire can be caused by the feeling of not being wanted. Let her know this is not the case by making it a sensual night all about her. Pamper her and let her know how much you find her attractive. Start with sensual massages and work your way up to blistering passion.



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