What Do Insurance Companies Consider A Sports Car?

What do insurance companies consider a sports car? Sports cars have larger engines than a standard vehicle. These large engine cars—usually two door, two seaters—are more prone to accidents and thus require more expensive premiums. Cars that are considered sports cars are designed for power and fun rather than safety and practicality. Also, the definition of "sports car" can vary depending on where you live.

Across the board, a cars model (Camaro, Mustang) and make (Mitsubishi and other major car industries) are the main pieces of information used in determining if your car is a sports car. Usually, a car's engine must have at least 250 watts or more of horse power to be considered a sports car by an insurance company. Coverage is expensive as a result of it being very expensive to fix if in a wreck or something goes wrong with one of the parts on a specific car. Depending on the make and model, some sport's car parts can be rare and hard to find.

However, just because a car looks sporty doesn't mean it is a sports car. Some just have sports car accessories—like spoilers, turbo charge and better wheels for traction, etc.  

By keeping a clean record of driving, with no speeding tickets or citations of any kind you can keep the insurance premiums lower on a specific plan.

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