What Do Salamanders Eat

You may be here because you're wondering "what do salamanders eat." Salamanders are curious critters that often disappear as quickly as you spot them. You probably don't see them eating lunch very often. 

The answer to the question is that salamanders eat just about everything meaty that they can fits into their mouths. Salamanders are carnivores, and insects are a normal staple in a salamander's diet. They are usually on the prowl for all types of insects such as flies, worms and arachnids. 

Different types of salamanders have different tastes in food. For example, the red backed salamander will eat a lot of insects we think of pests. These include weevils, spiders, soil mites and ticks. Spotted salamanders love to eat large insects such as worms, slugs and snails. Mole salamanders are named after what they eat. Mole salamanders eat beatles, worms and slugs just like moles.

Some types of salamanders are even more daring and eat crustaceans such as crawfish. Many adult species of salamander will eat large crustaceans. Salamander larvae may eat smaller ones such as zooplankton. Baby and adult salamanders often have different diets to fit their different mouth sizes. 

Salamanders eat a lot of common garden pests such as snails. You still may not want them in your garden, however. They'll also eat just about anything that moves, including all the insects that benefit your garden such as ladybugs, spiders and worms. 

Unlike frogs, salamanders do not have tongues for catching their prey. Salamanders have big mouths with lots of small teeth which they use to clamp down on the helpless victims. 

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