What Do Tadpoles Eat

If you are raising frogs for food (gasp!), for pets or as a science project for your children then you seriously have to know what tadpoles eat. Oh and yes, people raise frogs to eat. They claim frog taste like a cross between crab and chicken…But you must keep your tadpoles alive to raise them to frogs and you cannot do this with Doritos crumbs, bread, cheese or whatever other leftover scraps you have laying around. Though a frog will eat insects and sometimes even mice (check out the Pacman frog), the tadpole is basically an aquatic hippie or herbivore.

Eggs. If you start with a mass of eggs, you will not have to worry what tadpoles eat for the first four or five days. The tadpoles will do OK with the protein sacs Nature gave them. But after that, you will need to figure out a steady diet for them to eat.

Natural. If you have an established pond and a frog or toad laid some eggs in the pond, chances are you will not have to worry too much about what tadpoles eat because established ponds are full of algae growth. Tadpoles will happily feed on this until they start turning into frogs.

Homemade. While they may hold out for a few feedings, eventually a tadpole will eat pretty much anything. You just have to make sure it is healthy and giving the tadpole the nutrients it needs to survive. If you are raising a tadpole in an aquarium then you will need to come up with some food ideas. While not optimal, blanched (that means boiled for a few seconds) or frozen lettuce works in a pinch. So do spinach or even crumbs of boiled egg yolks.  

Store. The aquarium industry knows what tadpoles eat and have food for you to purchase. Basically it is algae derived flakes. Some people use crushed algae wafers made for bottom feeding freshwater aquarium fish or even crushed rabbit pellets.

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