What To Do When Having A Heart Attack: 5 Tips

What to do when having a heart attack: 5 tips provide some pointers on this very serious issue. There are some good tips you should know about so if ever you are having a heart attack, you will know what to do to help yourself. Many people are alone when they have a heart attack. This can be even more frightening to know that there is no one there to help you. There is something that you can do even when alone, to help yourself during a heart attack.

The first symptoms of a heart attack are usually pain radiating down your left arm, into your chest, and possibly jaw. You may feel faint, nauseous, and dizzy. You do not have long before you may pass out, so you need to act quickly. If you suspect that you are having a heart attack, try to remember these tips: 

  1. Chew an Aspirin – If you carry aspirin with you, go ahead and get one and take it. The most recommended dose is 325 mg, and you should chew the tablet. Chewing it helps it to get into the bloodstream faster.
  2. Coughing – Start to cough using a deep, bad cough as if you were trying to get thick mucus up. The coughing helps the heart to regain or maintain a rhythm as well as helping to keep your blood circulating.
  3. Nitro Glycerin – If you have been prescribed nitro glycerin, take it as soon as possible. This is usually a sublingual pill that requires you to put it under your tongue. The sooner you can get the pill in your mouth, the sooner it can start working. You should always keep them close at hand for an emergency.
  4. Call 911 – Getting help on the way as soon as possible is very important. The sooner you can get hold of 911, the sooner they can have someone en route to help you.
  5. Get Medical Treatment –  Even if your symptoms stop, you still need to be seen by a physician. Do not assume that just because the symptoms have subsided that you are in the clear. You should continue on to the hospital to get a full work up to make sure that you are no longer in danger.

Having a heart attack is very frightening. If you know what to do ahead of time, you will be more prepared if something should happen. The more you know, the better able you will be to act in a time of crisis.





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