What Do Women Find Attractive In Men?

What do women find attractive in men? When it comes to choosing a mate, women have certain things they want and don't want in a man. You have to remember that not all women are the same. A woman who is confident and handles her business will most likely want a man who has the same qualities. Women looking for Mr. Right usually have high standards and won't settle for less than what she wants. But, there are qualities that the majority of women find attractive in men. This is a list of the most universal things women find attractive.

  1. Employment: Guys, a woman finds a man who has a job very attractive. Unless you've been dating for a while, women expect you to pay for dinner, movie or anything else you take her to. Yes, there are women who will go dutch, but that's not the majority. You don't have to bring in a six-figure income every week. You just need to have a job and show here that you can pay your bills.
  2. Nice smile: A nice smile makes an attractive man sure of himself. Make sure to brush your teeth and please, go to the dentist. Clean teeth and fresh breath says you have good oral hygiene. Kissing is a favorite thing of women. Keep it real and take good care of your mouth.
  3. Clean cut: Long hair is attractive to some women, but if your hair is longer than hers, there's a problem. Also shave the 5 o'clock shadow before going on a date. Unless you have a beard, facial hair should be kept nice and tidy. Women find touching a clean shaven or manicured beard not only attractive, but sexy.
  4. Clean hygiene: Taking a bath is key to getting closer to a woman. Women have very sensitive noses and can smell bad body odor a mile away. One of the things most women find attractive is a nice subtle hint of cologne. Don't pour it on; she might have allergies. Find a cologne that complements your style and body's own personal scent.
  5. Respect: The last and most important thing women find attractive in men is respect. Treat a lady like a lady and she'll show you respect in return. Women find men who are polite, courteous and kind appealing. Even if you're not the most handsome man on the planet, respect takes you a long way.

Keep these things in mind when you want to date that special lady. You never know how far it'll get you.

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