What Do Women Want In Bed

What do women want in bed? This question has tormented men since sex was invented. Adam probably needed help with Eve. So, what do women want in bed? Well the answer is simple, but the follow through is difficult. Each and every woman is different. But, they are all sisters bound together by the same foundation. Your woman may physically want one thing in bed, while the next guy’s lady could want something totally different. But psychologically, women all want the same thing in bed. Women want to know that they are the center of your attention in the bedroom. Here’s how to give women what they want in bed.

  1. Forget about you. The first thing you need to do in order to give women what they want in bed is to push your own selfish needs aside. Seriously, worrying about yourself is dually detrimental. First of all, you run the risk of not pleasing the woman you’re dealing with because you’re too caught up in getting yourself off. Secondly, you’ll probably disqualify yourself from a repeat engagement with the young lady because of your self centered activity.
  2. Make it all about her. Dedicating yourself to pleasing your lady is the best way to figure out what your woman wants in bed. Cater to her. You know, just as well as the next man, that guys can get off during nearly any sexual occasion. Women take a little more work to reach their zenith. They need to be very turned on and they need to be extremely comfortable. Make it a point to make sure your lady likes the sexual scenario taking place. Dedicating your time to pleasing her will guarantee a good time in the bedroom for both parties involved.
  3. Talk to her. Be vocal. Communication is the key to all aspects of a relationship firing on all cylinders. This includes the sex. Don’t be scared to ask her what she likes. Don’t be afraid to verbally get her going. Be creative. Be nasty. Do what you need to do to get her hot.
  4. Exploration. Here’s where every woman is different. All of them come equipped with literally thousands of erogenous areas. But, one woman may like some stuff in bed and another lady may want something totally different. It’s up to you to take the time out to find out what she likes. Foreplay is not an option. It’s a complete and utter necessity. As a matter of fact, the smart man knows that foreplay lasts throughout your sexual encounter with her. Not only that, but foreplay can start before you even get close enough to touch her. No matter which route you take, just make sure you explore your woman. It’s the only way to find out what your woman wants in bed.
  5. Keep learning. People’s sexual lives continue to evolve. This means that you’ll never totally figure out what your woman wants in bed. You should strive to constantly find more and more ways to please your lady. Keep it fresh. Keep it creative. Remember, make sure your efforts are all about giving her what she wants in bed. A happy woman will return the favor.
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