What Do You Wear With A Sweatshirt?

What do you wear with a sweatshirt? There are numerous items in the closet that can be paired with a sweatshirt. At the very least, be sure to have some type of t-shirt underneath. This gives you another option in case there is a change in weather and it makes the sweatshirt more comfortable to wear.

In cold weather, a sweatshirt can be worn in place of a jacket for casual situations. Some sweatshirts have hoods, a pocket  on the front, and may even have a top to bottom zipper in the front, making them just as functional as a jacket. While a sweatshirt would look good with jeans or even khaki pants, it would be out of place if worn with dress pants and dress shoes.

In cool weather, a sweatshirt can be worn with shorts. This is the perfect look for the beach or an evening get together. During the day, it may be warm, but at night, the sweatshirt is all you need. You can wear flip flops or sandals with a sweatshirt as well. Wearing casual shoes with a sweatshirt is a must. Tennis shoes will look fine, but any type of dressy shoe will make the style look inconsistent.

Sweatshirts are also useful when working out. Again, it can be worn with shorts or sweatpants, but in this case, athletic shoes are a must. Indoors or outdoors, sweatshirts are a common look at the gym. If it gets too warm, consider taking the sweatshirt off and tying the sleeves around your waist to keep it with you.

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