What Dodge Model Looks Like A Land Rover?

In finding out just what Dodge model looks like a Land Rover, we first need to examine just which "Rover" we're referring to. Land Rover has been an all-terrain vehicle manufacturer since 1978, when it was founded by the then British Leyland group. The Land Rover name was traded and sold between BMW, then Ford and eventually to Tata Motors (its current owner, an Indian automotive company). As of current, the brand sells five models in the United Kingdom and four within the United States.

Dodge, on the other hand, has always been and still is an American brand of automobiles. Specifically, Dodge produces cars (usually sporty and muscle-like), trucks, SUVs and minivans. The company is wholly owned by Chrysler Group LLC., headed in Michigan, and was once (surprisingly) an upscale automobile manufacturer. Dodge enjoys much fame garnered towards it thanks to its Charger and Ram pickup models. There are currently two models of SUVs and one minivan produced by Dodge today. 

So which shall we start off with?  If any Dodge model looks like a Land Rover, that "Rover" is the Freelander. The Land Rover LR2 (also known simply as "LR2" or "Land Rover Freelander") is the smallest vehicle produced within America, being a compact-crossover Sports Utility Vehicle. The Freelander resembles the Dodge Nitro, more than likely. The Dodge Nitro is also a compact SUV, although not a crossover (a vehicle built on a car platform but resembling a Sports Utility Vehicle). It is possible to get the two confused by the average consumer, although not many car enthusiasts will make that same mistake. Instead, the Dodge Nitro looks most like a Jeep Liberty; however, from the Land Rover lineup, the LR2 is the winning candidate.

The Land Rover LR3, the second of the British automobile company's vehicles produced in the United States, is closely related to the Dodge Journey. Although nowhere near close-kin, these two vehicles accommodate almost the same market-share: that for Mid-size crossovers. Unfortunately, the Dodge model isn't identical, because the Journey is a wagon and the Land Rover Discovery (as the LR3 is often called) is a Sports Utility Vehicle. The LR3 has a much more powerful 5.0 Liter engine, versus the Journey's tinier 3.5 liter, suited well for their different purposes.

The Land Rover models (both the regular and the sport) don't have a Dodge counterpart. The Dodge division of Chrysler produces no luxury SUV, and hence cannot directly compete with Land Rover. Nonetheless, the Dodge Nitro, while not luxurious or as large, is a Sports Utility Vehicle. The Nitro is a bit smaller and robust than the Land Rover models, about one liter smaller. Still, the Nitro, above all, proves to be the closest cousin Dodge model that looks like a Land Rover. Then again, who are we to judge these superior vehicles' differences?

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