What Does 69 Mean?

When you are forging into a sexual relationship that is focusing on oral, you might be asking yourself what does 69 mean. Its a common, sensual position for oral sex in which both parties get stimulation at the same time.

The concept of 69 is from France. In the position, the two people align themselves so each persons mouth is near the others genital. The man may lay on his back and the woman may kneel over him so her genitals are near his face and his genitals are near hers. The woman lies on the ground sometimes instead, although this position makes it more difficult for the man to perform oral. The couple can also lay on their sides in a reverse spooning position.

The term "69" comes from the position that is assumed during the dual oral sex. Their are advantages and disadvantages to the different variations of positions. With the woman on top, it gives the man an amazing view of the woman's thighs and butt. It also allows the woman to use her whole mouth to please his genitals. The woman on top position allows the woman to have control, move her genitals around to gain more pleasure and the man can use his fingers for more stimulation. Some disadvantages include the excess weight and lack of support of the woman causing pain for both parties, the woman could tire easier and get rug burg on her knees and elbows and the man has less control over stimulation.

The man on top position also has advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is the man has a lot of control, the woman can explore more parts of the mans body, and the woman can place more of the penis deeper in her throat. The disadvantages include the woman could choke more easily in this position, the man could strain his neck in the position.

In this position, its important for the man to make sure hes being aware of the woman and making sure she can breathe when she needs to. Its easy to get caught up in the stimulation and forget to pay attention to the other party. Everyone being fully aware will make the experience better for both.

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