What Does Adidas Stand For?

Have you ever wondered, "What does Adidas stand for?" Understanding what Adidas stands for requires a knowledge of the company’s background. Adidas is a well-known name brand and the creator of the first specially-modified sports shoes. Spiked track shoes and cleated soccer shoes were the Dassler brothers’ first shoe accomplishments.

It will not be possible to fully grasp the concept behind the logo and Adidas until its history is understood. Dassler brothers Adolph and Rudolph started one of the very first specialized sport shoe production units, which they called “Gerbruder Dassler.” Here Adolph Dassler designed the soccer and spiked shoes, which took them to heights of renown.

In 1948, the two brothers ended their joint venture when Rudolph separated to form a company of his own, which he named Puma. Rudolph’s separation called for a name change, as “Gerbruder Dassler” meant Dassler brothers. Adolph, also known as Adi, converted the company name to Adidas, a word based on his own name. Adidas stands for "Adolph Dassler," where “Adi” comes from Adolph and “Das” from Dassler.

There is a common misconception that Adidas stands for “All Day I Dream of Sports.” This interpretation of Adidas has probably become known because of the increasing popularity of the brand among athletes. This interpretation is incorrect, however.

The name Adidas came into being because of the differences between the Dassler brothers. Adolph was the brain behind the first innovative spiked track and cleated soccer shoes. These proved to be the foundation of Adidas’ fame. The company name therefore is rightfully rooted in Adolph Dassler's own.

Adidas is commonly referred to as “The brand with three stripes” because of its logo. The Adidas logo is a pattern of three parallel stripes. It represents a mountain, which tilts towards success, symbolizing the company’s constant rise. The name Adidas and the three-stripe pattern have come to signify each other.


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