What Does Being High Feel Like?

Many people who are curious about drugs may wonder what getting high feels like. There are a number of different ways to describe how getting high actually feels, and there are a number of different highs which come from different types of drugs. The most common is marijuana, but there is also cocaine, heroin and various hallucinogens which will make those who take them have a "high" feeling. Below are some explanations of the question what does being high feel like, so that you are educated as to drugs, drug use and what drug users feel when they get high.

On Marijuana. What does being high feel like on marijuana? It is a drug which can be smoked or eaten, but is most commonly smoked. This will create a light-headed feeling, a feeling of happiness and relaxation for most people. For some people, it will create anxiety or paranoia, making them do ridiculous and sometimes ill-advised, dangerous things. Eating marijuana will create a different, more intense introspective high, that will often stay in the system much longer.

On Hallucinogens. What does being high feel like on hallucinogens? This is a category of drug that many casual drug users will avoid, with the fear of these drugs permanently effecting them. Being on high on these drugs, ranging from mushrooms to LSD to ecstasy, will create a number of different feelings. These hallucinogens are all ingested, creating a number of different feelings. Sickness can be associated with mushrooms or LSD, as mushrooms may have a difficult time digesting in the stomach and LSD may react badly with a person's nervous system. But once the sickness passes, feelings of euphoria, visuals and the blissful inability to talk or act normal may occur. Ecstasy makes users thirsty and light-headed.

On Cocaine. What does being high feel like on cocaine? This drug is coming back in popularity as it is easy to use and doesn't have to many adverse effects when you take it, beyond addiction and possible long term physical effects. This drug makes you feel light-headed, excited, and energetic, talking a lot, allowing you to stay up late and drink heavily.

On Heroin. What does being high feel like on heroin? Heroin is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs that people use. It is supposed to create a feeling of euphoria that is unrivaled among most other feelings people have. Being tired, forgetting to eat and waves of sickness are also a common feeling when taking this drug or not taking this drug.

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