What Does Bing Stand For

What does Bing stand for? Microsoft's newly designed search engine from that of the previous Windows Live Search and MSN search was set up as a competitor to rival Google. Recent news reports that Bing is actually gaining on Google by only a small amount and seems to be catching up in terms of providing the searches and topics people are looking for.

Bing is currently the default search engine for Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which is installed in every version of their Windows operating system. Only Windows users are able to install and update their browser, but the ability to use Bing isn't just slated to that of Windows (though it is a proprietary portion of the Microsoft product). The one thing that people wondered about the search engine's introduction was what exactly did Bing stand for.

A popular speculation is that it's a clever acronym that actually stands for "Because It's Not Google." in reference to the competition. Other popular choices are:

  • But It's Not Google Same as the above.
  • Ballmer Is Not Gates In reference to current CEO Steve Ballmer, who many see as bringing Microsoft down without the foresight and expertise of founder Bill Gates.
  • Bill Invents New Google In reference to Bing being a strong competitor to Google.
  • Bing Is Not Google In reference to the new search engine not achieving the same search results as Google
  • Bing Is Not Good In reference to Google being the better search engine.

While these are funny in nature, the probable true nature in what does Bing stand for is the actual word "bing," as in finding the results to searches much quicker than Google. However, earlier in the year it was discovered that Bing was actually taking search results from Google itself and passes them as their own; this was considered a big blow to that of Bing, which could have been seen as losing some of its luster thanks to the controversy.

Ultimately, the answer to what does Bing stand for may actually never be answered fully. Most likely it's in reference to the gathering of search results, but fans of Google or unhappy Bing users may still point to the fact that Bing will need to do a lot more in order to topple the reign that Google has.

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