What Does BMW Stand For?

What does BMW stand for? BMW is a German acronym that works as well in its English form as it does in its German form. We'll look at what BMW stands for in both languages and add a few more interpretations of this acronymn. 

In German, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, the name of the car's manufacturer in Germany. In the English translation, BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works. The main difference in the acronymn itself is the pronunciation. Germans pronounce BMW "bee-em-vee."

BMW is an umbrella company which owns other popular manufacturers such as Rolls Royce limousines. The BMW company specializes in high-end luxury cars and motorcycles. BMW also owns the Mini company in the United Kingdom, another luxury car manufacturer. Bavarian Motor Works has manufacturing plants in many countries, including the United States. Therefore, the cars do not have to be imported into the countries where they are sold. 

BMW isn't only an acronym for the German automobile company. There are other BMW companies out there. Once upon a time there was a company in England named British Motor Works. Brooklyn Machine Works is currently a bicycle manufacturer in New York City.

BMW can also stand for "Black Magic Woman," a song by Santana or the Bart Muni Walk in the Greater San Francisco area. Some creative people also have various uses of the term, but most of these terms seem to be inspired by the popular BMW automobile acronym. Bob Marley and the Wailers, and Bitch, Moan and Whine are two examples. 

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