What Does BMX Stand For?

Are you asking yourself, "What does BMX stand for?" Getting familiar with motocross racing will help you understand what BMX stands for in detail. BMX is an abbreviation for bicycle motocross. BMX refers to the sport as well as the bicycles that are designed for the sport.

BMX is a racing rally in motocross style. Motocross refers to a cross-country rally on rugged terrain. This was done in the past with the help of motor bikes. The history of motocross can be traced back to 1947, when it became recognized as a sport. The British were the initiators of the sport's fame, and the contests held then were called “scrambles.”

The scrambles later became known as motocross. BMX is a similar style of racing, with the exception that man-powered bicycles compete instead of motor-powered bikes. Soon after bicycle motocross gained fame, bike producers started developing bikes that were suitable to be used on rugged terrain. These bikes were called BMX, short for bicycle motocross, racing bikes. Schwinn was the first to make a BMX bike for racing. It was called the “Sting Ray.”

BMX bikes have a frame made of aluminum and sometimes chrome moly. Steel bikes are heavier in weight and less manageable on cross-country, off-road terrain. BMX bikes are much lighter and their joints are made extra strong because of the pressure exerted on them. BMX bikes are easily distinguished from regular bikes because of their twenty-inch wheel cruisers. These frames are much less costly and prove useful in BMX racing.

Nowadays a racing event of the same name is held annually in Queensland. In BMX racing, the most interesting feature is that different age groups are allowed to compete. This helps the whole family to participate in the same event. BMX bikes have been evolving rapidly since the sport has gained its immense fame.


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