What Does Cc Mean In Email?

If you are wondering what CC means in an email, look no further. CC and BCC, a different version of CC, are other options to use when you send an email.

Typically, when you send an email, you put the recipient’s email address in the “to” field. Sometimes, however, you want to loop another party in on the conversation. This is when the tool “CC” comes in. CC stands for Carbon Copy, which is also called Courtesy Copy. This idea comes from real paper that has carbon paper underneath it.

When you write on a piece of paper with a carbon paper attached, everything you write on the piece of paper is transferred to the carbon piece as well. That second piece retains all the information written down on the first piece of paper. A carbon copy on an email does the same thing. When you add a carbon copy to an email, the recipient gets the email in its entirety. To add someone to the CC field, simply type in the email address. To send a CC to multiple people, separate the addresses with a comma.

With a CC, everyone who receives the email sees everyone in the CC bar. That means if you are lopping someone into the conversation, the original recipient will know the CC party is receiving the email as well. There are times that you may want to secretly copy someone on an email. That’s when BCC comes in handy.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Anyone who has their address in the BCC field can see the entire email, as well as everyone in the To field and the CC field. No one in the To field or the CC field, however, will know the BCC recipients are receiving an email. If you have content and you don’t want anyone to know that anyone else is receiving it, put your own address in the To field and add all the recipients in the BCC field.



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