What Does Escalade Mean?

Do you ever wonder, "what does Escalade mean?" There are a three definitions referring to Escalade. According to urban dictionaries Escalade means, to climb up and over, or the act of scaling defensive castle walls or ramparts with the aid of ladders. It was a prominent feature of siege warfare in medieval times. Another meaning is a large luxury vehicle produced by General Motors Corporation that ranges between $60,000 and $100,000 that hit the market in 1999. Assuming, Cadillac may have named their vehicle the Escalade because it is large and capable of driving/climbing up strenuous terrain like mountains and rocky roads.

The word Escalade originated from the Latin words "escalada," "escal," and "scalata" which means "to scale or climb." The word Escalade was first introduced to the English vocabulary around year 1590. Escalade could be used in proper sentences according to the following three definitions.

"We had to escalade the mountain to reach the peak." In this sentence escalade is referring to the definition "to climb up or over." In order to reach the peak of a mountain, it is necessary to climb it.

"They escaladed the castle walls with ladders to reach the other side." This sentence refers to the definition, "the act of scaling defensive castle walls or ramparts with the aid of ladders.:

"My mom bought me a new 2010 Escalade for me to drive back and forth from college to home." In this sentence, the word Escalade is capitalized because it refers to the name of a famous car produced by GMC.



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