What Does Extenze Do?

If you're wondering what does Extenze do, you may have a hard time finding out for sure. The answer really depends on who you ask. According to some people, the question should really be "does Extenze do anything at all?" But there are also proponents that swear by the stuff. This article will try to weave through all the nonsense and get to some kind of basic truth.

According to the claims of the company behind Extenze, the product should make your erections bigger and it should make you last longer in bed. The company claims that ingredients in the product can help increase blood flow to the penis, and increase the overall libido. There is also an insinuation that Extenze might be able to cure some cases of impotence.

One way to try and figure out what does Extenze do is to look at the ingredients. When you break them down, you'll find that they're all basically just herbal supplements. Some of them have a reputation for being aphrodisiacs, but there is no credible laboratory testing for any of them. Most experts say that these ingredients don't really do anything much, and some people actually claim that they may be somewhat dangerous. Overall they haven't been tested enough to say for sure, but most people in the know aren't very impressed with them.

Many people that use Extenze do claim to be getting good results. This may be due to the placebo effect. It could be a case of modern snake oil. Back in the old west days, there were peddlers selling various concoctions that were basically just alcoholic beverages, and people would take them and swear that they were being cured or experiencing all sorts of positive effects. When people take Extenze, they are expecting and hoping that something amazing is going to happen to their penis, so maybe they become aroused at the thoughts of sex and experience larger than usual erections. So even if people that use Extenze do experience amazing results, the reasons may not have anything to do with the product itself.

Some people are actually pretty irritated about the possible false claims in the Extenze advertisements, and there are actually some lawsuits underway. The ultimate results of these lawsuits is tough to predict, but their very existence might be useful as an indication about what Extenze does or doesn't do.

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