What Does FIFA Stand For?

FIFA is best known around the world as the organization that governs soccer or football (depending on your country of origin), but most people don't know what does FIFA stand for? Most people who don't follow soccer only hear about FIFA when they are brought up during the FIFA World Cup that takes place every four years for women and men. The acronym FIFA actually stands for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association which is an organization originally founded in Zurich that is officially governed by Swiss law. 

FIFA runs itself as a governing body, at the heart of which is a FIFA Congress consisting of 208 members representing smaller regional soccer organizations. The general philosophy of FIFA centers on "using football as a symbol of hope and integration." It is used as a way to bring attention to world issues and push for basic rights of human beings. 

In countries where soccer is the number one sport and has an avid fanbase, FIFA takes on a role of celebrity, power and leadership. The FIFA President is often granted special meetings with leaders of countries throughout the world, and FIFA can become the topic of heated discussion. Sometimes, FIFA makes controversial decisions that affect the sport. Decisions over the type of soccer ball or the choice of referees in World Cup games can lead to protests and outrage by member countries and organizations. Many decisions are considered popular and positive, though, when they do not pertain to World Cup matches such as teaming up with the Special Olympics for special events and meeting with developing countries to expand the sport. 

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