What Does Gop Mean?

For anyone just getting into politics or starting to follow the elections might be asking themselves “What does GOP mean?” GOP is an abbreviation that references the conservative, Republican Party. This slang term is becoming used less and less in modern culture.

GOP stands for “Grand Old Party” a name that was coined in the 1800s to mean the Republican Party. This term is commonly used by the Republican Party. In fact, the domain name of the Republican National Committee is gop.com. The acronym dates back almost as far as the elephant, another symbol used to represent the party.

“Grand Old Party” wasn’t even the original connotations of the acronym. According to the Republican National Committee, it dates back to 1875 and originally meant “Gallant Old Party”. It also stood for “Get Out and Push” a movement meant to encourage people to get out and vote.

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. Once the civil war concluded, it was perceived that the Republican Party won the war. The party, which was a permanent fixture in the Federal Government, were given the name “Gallant Old Party”, which slowly morphed into “Grand Old Party” and was shortened to the acronym “GOP”.

The Wall Street Journal recently announced they will no longer be using the acronym. They said many of their readers did not understand it was referring the Republican party. Even those who know GOP is referencing the party might not realize it stands for “Grand Old Party”.

GOP is still being widely used by many news outlets and the political party themselves. And even if the concoction doesn’t mean the same thing it meant in the late 1800s, GOP will always stand for the Republican Party.



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