What Does It Mean When Your Eye Twitches

What does it mean when your eye twitches? If you have ever experienced the fluttering, twitching of the eyelid, you know how odd the uncontrollable twitching feels, but why does it happen? What causes your eye to twitch and should you be concerned? 

What happens when the eye twitches? Twitching or fluttering of the eyelid is caused by tiny muscle spasms or contractions in the eyelid muscle or in the muscles around the eye. Sometimes the spasm will cause a single twitch, while other times the eyelid may rapidly open and close for several seconds.

What cause your eye to twitch? Simple things such as eye irritants, stress and fatigue are often the causes of eyelid twitching or fluttering. Being overtired strains the eye muscles—and being overstressed often worsens fatigue and makes relaxation difficult. Other factors, such as too much caffeine or poor nutrition worsen muscle spasms and twitches as well throughout the body. Sometimes nerve damage may be to blame. Often the exact cause for twitching eyelids cannot be determined.

How long do eye twitches last? Most eye twitches are not noticeable, except to the sufferer and are rarely harmful. Eyelid spasms may be brief, lasting only minues or hours, or last for a period of days or until treated if caused by an infection or a medical condition. 

When should you be concerned about eye twitches? If the twitching lasts for several days, greatly interferes with activities or is accompanied by other symptoms or signs of infection, discuss the condition with a physician or an eye doctor. If the eye or eyelid is red, itchy and watery—allergens or conjunctivitis may be to blame. Alternatively, severe persistent twitching of the eye may be caused by a condition known as Essential Blepharospasm which is the result of improper nerve impulses.  Severe eye spasms may require medical care.

What is the treatment for eye twitching? Most of the time the eye just needs rest and the eye muscles will stop contracting without intervention once the eye has “recovered” from its strain. Dry or tired eyes may be soothed with over the counter eye drops or a cool compress, but often the twitching is not relieved by these remedies. If the twitching is severe, caused by a condition such as Essential Blepharospasm—or affecting larger areas of the eye or face, medications or even nerve repair or surgery may be necessary. For most people, however, eye twitches remedy themselves quite quickly.

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