What Does NASA Stand For?

What does NASA stand for? First, a figurative answer is provided, then, a literal answer to this question is given. NASA is the U.S. space agency that sent dogs, monkeys, and men into space, and most impressively, astronauts to the moon.  Figuratively, NASA has stood for the technological superiority and explorational achievements of our nation. It has stood for extraordinary scientific feats that echo a great nation's status. Now, here's the literal answer to the question "What does NASA stand for?"

N is for "national." National means that something is of a particular nation. In this case, the United States of America is the nation. NASA was started by the United States government in 1958.

A is for "aeronautics." Aeronautics means the study and practice of all types of flight. This includes studying flight through air and space both. It also includes designing and building aircraft and spacecraft, as well as flying manned and unmanned ships.

S is for "space." Space in the context of answering "What does NASA stand for?" means outer space. This includes all the space out beyond Earth's atmosphere. It includes outer space between our planet and the moon, interplanetary space, interstellar space, and intergalactic space.

A is for "administration." An administration is all the people who make up an organization. So, everybody who works for NASA and contributes to its mission is part of the administration. The word has the connotation of action, since the people involved are administering, or exercising the functions of NASA.



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