What Does Orange Poop Mean?

Is your poop turning up orange, and you're wondering what does orange poop mean? Are you wondering what does orange poop mean and if it's a sign of a potential problem? There are many common and benign reasons for having orange poop. Below are all potential causes and reasons of having orange colored poop.

  1. Medications. Certain medications that you could be taking with beta-carotene or antacids, which contain aluminum hydroxide, make you have orange colored poop.
  2. Certain foods you eat. Food you eat will give you a better clue of what your orange poop means. Foods like carrots, turnip greens, sweet potatoes, winter squash which contain beta carotene, or any other food that have artificial yellow orange coloring can give you orange colored poop.
  3. Gallstones. One of the few physical causes for orange stool is gallstones. Gallstones cause problems by blocking up the bile ducts. They come out the liquid that the gallbladder produces and stones form. Due to the blockage, orange colored poop forms.
  4. Lack of bile salt. Bile salt is what makes your normal amount of poop color brown, but when lacking this salt, it can start to make your poop come out orange instead.
  5. Parasites. Parasites are very common for changing poop different colors. Any thing parasitic can make you ill and cause your poop to be orange.
  6. Irritable or short bowel syndrome. When having these two syndromes, it is common for a person to have orange colored pooped. These syndromes also come with diarrhea and more.
  7. Fissures. Orange stool could comes due to fissures when constipated, or having hemorrhoid problems.



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