What Does An Orgasm Feel Like

Asking what does an orgasm feel like is a question that usually comes from people who have not had orgasms, like curious kids, students in a sex education class, or by people who may have had orgasms but don't know they have had orgasms. To describe this intense amount of pleasure that drives many of the things we do in this world, one has to understand how an orgasm works in the body and what is happening to make all of this feeling come to fruition. So to answer the question, "What does an orgasm feel like?" we should first delve into what an orgasm actually is.

Anatomical Explanation. When a sensitive area of the body is touched repeatedly, it can often bring the body to orgasm. This is often the head of the penis in men or the clitoris in women, but there are other areas that can also bring both men and women to orgasm. Many muscles in the body will contract in the body and the nerves throughout the body will have a pleasurable sensation running back and forth through them. This feeling that is created by the nerves due to the rubbing or sexual activity around this sensitive area of the male or female body is what creates the orgasm feeling in the body.

Description. Now as for what an orgasm feels like, that can be described in a wide variety of different ways. The male orgasm is intense pleasure that results in the ejaculation of semen. It can cause lightheadedness and laughter, something that is often associated with being high on drugs, as different chemicals are also released into the body when you have an orgasm. A female orgasm is different, in the sense that their orgasms are considered more pleasurable and longer lasting, as they can have multiple orgasms in a row. However, everyone has a different type of orgasm or at least their own personal description of it. So if you really want to know what an orgasm feels like, ask as many people as possible or just have a few yourself.

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