What Does SXSW Mean?

Some people may find themselves asking, "what does SXSW mean?" There tends to be a lot of musical and media buzz generated around the event. Taking place in downtown Austin, Texas, the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music and Media conference has been going on for decades. Designed for the ultimate experience in music, film and interactive networking and performances, the event showcases almost 2,000 artists at over 80 different venues in Austin.

While many festivals focus on specific genres, bands, or mediums, SXSW attempts to produce a multifaceted experience designed to create exposure and interest for new, budding performers. Filmmakers and musical acts have the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences in a variety of venue sizes without the usual constraints found at regular, run-of-the-mill events. Instead of just one performance during a multi-day festival, bands and artists partaking in SXSW are able to play multiple venues per day, maximizing their potential for publicity and networking.

Another major piece to the SXSW conference is the business aspect, spanning print media, distribution, web and software design, filmmaking, consulting, promotion and more. The trade show held in the Austin convention center offers companies the chance to hold exhibitions, advertise and distribute promotional materials to thousands of attendees from all across the world. SXSW has grown considerably from its origins, attracting major international sponsors who contribute generously to keep the event running annually.

The documented success of the festival in fostering the birth of music and film’s next major stars is unparalleled in the entertainment business. Past performers over the past three years include MGMT, The Decemberists, Aesop Rock, Metallica, REM, Iggy Pop, Katy Perry, Ben Harper, Third Eye Blind, and Moby. The vast musical variety offers a chance for anyone to find something great, whether it’s a platinum selling artist, or a blooming local act from Canada.  

SXSW offers different admission options, allowing passage to either interactive, film or music events, or enhanced packages for fans looking to experience multiple types of events. The festival may be a touch pricey, but the opportunity to experience so much at once is priceless. SXSW truly is the ultimate package for music and film enthusiasts to attend, attracting casual fans and media moguls from the international community for a vast, unique event.





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