What Does A Vagina Feel Like?

It is a question on the minds of many young men and many young women as well: What does a vagina feel like? Whether you are curious because you have not yet experienced sexual intercourse or you wonder what exactly your sexual partners are experiencing during intercourse, wondering what does a vagina feel like is perfectly normal.

To understand what a vagina feels like, you should first have a basic grasp of women's genital anatomy. Here is a brief overview: The entire female genital area is referred to as the vulva. If you talking about everything "down there," you should say "vulva," not "vagina." Next is the inner and outer labia, which cover and protect the vagina. The clitoris is the center of female pleasure, so whether you are a man or a woman, it is advisable for you to know how to find it. The clitoris is very sensitive and is mostly obscured from view by a fold of skin called the clitoral hood. Located at the top of the vulvar region, you can expose the clitoris by gently pulling back the hood. 

The vagina itself is the muscular tunnel used in intercourse, childbirth and during menstruation. The vagina is actually comprised of mucus membranes, similar to the mouth and nose, and is located further down in the vulvar region. Vaginas vary in size, but are generally about seven centimeters and up to eleven to twelve centimeters during arousal (That's right. They "grow," too).

Now that you have gained a better understanding of what constitutes female genitalia, you may still be wondering what a vagina feels like. The answer to that question is complicated. Everyone has a different way of describing what a vagina feels like and every woman's vagina feels a bit different. That said, there are a few qualities that nearly all vaginas have in common. Vaginas are not simply a "hole" lying open, but a muscular tunnel that remains closed, sides touching, until a woman becomes aroused. During arousal, the vagina becomes more moist than usual, secreting lubrication to fully accommodate a penis. 

Many people who wonder what a vagina feels like assume that they are silky smooth on the inside. That is not entirely accurate. While vaginas have an overall smoothness to them, much like the inside of your mouth, vaginas also contain folds and bumps known as vaginal rugae. These folds can be felt during sex and have been compared to the feeling of the roof of your mouth when you run your tongue over it. Rugaes exist to allow the vagina to expand to facilitate both sexual intercourse and childbirth.

Some people use much more flowery prose to describe their answer what a vagina feels like. From "It feels like wet, smooth silk" to "A hot, slippery tunnel of flesh" to the infamous description from the raunchy teen comedy flick "American Pie" ("It feels like warm apple pie") everyone's description of the experience is just a bit different. One thing is certain, however; if you're doing everything right, it should feel welcoming.

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