What Is A Double Bogey In Golf?

What is a double bogey in golf? To understand the answer to that question, you must understand how golf scoring works.

Golf scoring is based on the total number of strokes it takes to complete a course. The fewer strokes needed, the better the score. A course is divided up into holes, either nine or eighteen depending upon the size of the course. Each hole is assigned a number between three and five, based on difficulty; that is called "par." This number is how many strokes it should take a scratch golfer to complete each hole. So what is a double bogey in golf? A double bogey in golf is a score on an individual hole that is two strokes above par.

Scoring a double bogey in golf on a particular hole means, for further explanation, that it takes you two extra shots to complete a hole. A double bogey in golf on a par three hole means that you completed the hole in five strokes. For a par four, a double bogey in golf is a score of six on that particular hole. For a par five, a double bogey is a score of seven on that particular hole.

If it's your first time golfing, and you score a double bogey in golf, you have something to be proud of, as many beginners cannot even do that. Now that you know what you're aiming for—below a double bogey. It's time to hit the course and try to score for yourself!

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