What Is An Enema

What is an enema? You probably won’t like the answer if you’re about to get one yourself. An enema is a type of rectal injection filled with air, barium or other fecal stimulant. Getting one is sometimes painful, definitely uncomfortable and certainly embarrassing, no matter who’s on the other end giving it to you.

Enemas are used for different purposes. In normal cases, some people use enemas for clearing out the rectum to relieve constipation. Although you can sometimes do this via a laxative, enemas get the job done more quickly and are often more effective, medically-speaking.

Enemas may be used for scoping out the colon. When a doctor needs to clear the colon to look for growths or polyps in your colon, you might be subject to an enema. Lucky you. These types of enemas are generally the barium or air kind. The barium kind will help the doctor see the rectum through the X-ray while the air enema expands it for better visibility. A joke could be made about brown precipitation here, but you can leave that to your imagination instead.

Enemas often look nasty. Don’t think the doc is just going to insert an enema pill, and everything will be all right. It’s just not that simple. Enemas sometimes come in a tubular vehicle. In other words, you’ll get a whole tube up your anus for a special delivery or barium or other liquid. And no, it’s not meant to stimulate you “like that.” You’re more likely to be crying for your mother by the time it’s all said and done.

Enemas cause temporary abdominal discomfort. Depending on the type of enema you get, you might experience some rather ungainly side effects, like farting and abdominal cramping. After your exam, you’ll probably have to go expel some crap in the toilet. And it won’t be limited to fecal matter – you’ll probably start making some air horn sounds, too. Just make sure you have the bathroom fan on to cover up the sound of your expulsions.

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