What To Expect During A Vasectomy Procedure

If you are considering a vasectomy, you may have questions about what to expect during a vasectomy procedure. A vasectomy procedure is a permanent form of birth control for men, which prevents sperm from being released during ejaculation. This is considered to be a very effective form of birth control for men with a less than 1 percent failure rate. A vasectomy procedure is an in-and-out patient procedure and requires no hospitalization time.

During a vasectomy procedure, the testicles and scrotum will be cleaned thoroughly with an antiseptic and shaved. In some cases, during a vasectomy procedure an intravenous medication will be administered to relieve anxiety during the procedure, which causes drowsiness. A local anesthesia is injected into the area to numb the region for the procedure. The area can remain numb for up to two hours after the vasectomy procedure.

There are two methods used to conduct a vasectomy. The most common method used for a vasectomy procedure involves the use of a scalpel, making one or two incisions into the scrotum. Through these openings, the vas deferens tubes will be cut. After the tubes are severed, the open ends will then be sealed. The incisions are then closed with stitches. The total procedure generally takes only 30 minutes.

The second method used to perform a vasectomy procedure involves no cutting. The second method uses a vasclip implant to seal the vas deferens. During this form of vasectomy procedure, a small clip with pointed tips is pushed into the scrotum, when the clip is opened. It is then locked closed around the vas deferens. This method causes less bleeding but may not be as effective as a typical vasectomy procedure.



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